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The Classic - Wall Vase

-Wall Clip Included

-No screws or plants included!

Walls are the perfect place for some flowers!

With that said, what about treating your next bouquet to these Wall Vases?

Only available at New Antheia, What are you waiting for?

A Vase for my… wall? How?

It’s not that different from a normal vase to be honest!

The only difference is that you need to hang it on a wall to your liking.

The rest is easy, fill her up with your favorite flowers and add some water and you’re good to go!

It’ll make your home a lot more lively that’s for sure.

What is it made of?

It's completely made out of PLA.

PLA is a plastic that's made out of corn and sugar cane, so it is quite sturdy but still biodegradable.


Do note all sizes are estimates as these planters don’t have classic straight or rounded sides.

For example: a normal pot size 10cm/4” has a bottom and top of said size. These Vases however have no exact overall size due to it’s nature.

Size:about18cm tall (7.2”) and about 7cm wide (2.6”)

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