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Boobies Cup D - Cardening Mini Planter Car Accessory

Get Cardening with our self-made Car Accessories right now, it's easy!

This is the perfect car accessory to get your Cardening journey started.

How does it work?

They slide easily in your car's air vent system but do check if you need a Horizontal or a Vertical plug.

This little planter fits small cacti and succulents perfectly. Want to plant a seedling? Also Possible!

More of the air plant type? Sure thing! Everything is possible, as far as your imagination goes,

As they are so little do add a few drops of water daily to maximize the results.

Last step: Enjoy your ride, what are you waiting for!

What is it made of?

It's made out of PLA with a touch of ABS for sturdiness.

PLA is a plastic that's made out of corn and sugar cane, so it is quite sturdy but still biodegradable.

What NOT to do!

As it can get really hot in your car on summer days please take care to take out your flowers and plants!


All Planters are about 5 to 6cm (about 2-2.3 Inches) in width and about 2,5 to 3cm (1 Inch) in Height.

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