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June 06, 2021 1 min read

Welcome all and have a look!

We finally made the switch from Etsy to our own domain! Our Etsy store will stay up for the time being so you have more shopping options for the time being but most updates will be here from now on!

So, as this is our first post lets start off by giving all you early readers my uttermost appreciation, without all the interest in our products we would have never made it this far and beyond! We've hit 1500 followers on Instagram, we made over 600 sales on Etsy and all the lovely messages you guys keep sending us mean the world to us! 

At that note let's start this new journey, New Antheia 2.0, off with a bang!

There will be a huge give away soon on our Instagram so if you're not yet following us, please do give us a follow at:

Furthermore, we will be expanding all our collections soon with more new models  and new but awesome products are on their way too! To give you a little sneakysneak, how does wall planters AND vases sound??

Lastly, I know we're all done with Covid but things are starting to look better every day. We are still having some slight shipping delays here and there so as usual stay patient and most of all stay safe!

We hope you keep enjoying our products and we love you all!!

New Antheia